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Without a capable, purposeful, talented and reliable team, it is impossible to develop a successful business. Don't try to do all the work alone for as long as possible. You will be faced with the fact that there are only 24 hours a day, while at some times you should sleep and "charge the battery."



One of the most difficult and complex roles in a company is managing a startup. There is no charm, prestige and "warm place", but there is pressure, great responsibility and struggle for survival. Only those who have won in this fight, not left halfway, truly love their business. If you decide to take a risk and choose this path-this article is for you.


You own a technology-based business

You have to manage the product yourself; after all, this is one of your competitive pros. And, as for satisfying the needs of consumers: here you need to remember another necessary component of a successful entrepreneurial leader—exploration needs (or more precisely, even the existence of its "scent") and analysis the ability of the market.


You own an online service

In the rough design, the most terrifying thing is not the visual image, but the inconvenience in use. In the case of online services, they are actually praying for availability, because success depends on one-tenth conversion. Therefore, in this case, taking shortcuts in design is almost like hara-hiri in business.