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One of the most difficult and complex roles in a company is managing a startup. There is no charm, prestige and "warm place", but there is pressure, great responsibility and struggle for survival. Only those who have won in this fight, not left halfway, truly love their business. If you decide to take a risk and choose this path-this article is for you.

Because the general manager of a startup company is not a position, it is a profession engraved in the DNA.

Let's face it now - there is no secret to how to build a thriving business from scratch. This is a long road to formation, becoming, and education, including your mistakes, during which you gain important knowledge and hone your skills.

Moreover, there are many subjective and objective factors. Each company, industry, market, and product is individualized, which will have a significant impact on business development. However, we can emphasize the most important components, which are necessary for successful business operations.