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Without a capable, purposeful, talented and reliable team, it is impossible to develop a successful business. Don't try to do all the work alone for as long as possible. You will be faced with the fact that there are only 24 hours a day, while at some times you should sleep and "charge the battery." And with the development of the business, there are more and more problems. Going alone will inevitably lead to a decline in their own efficiency (due to constant work wear) and business development opportunities.

At this step, it's obvious: it's time to hire the first employees to delegate your responsibilities that you can't handle yourself.

The team is a necessary condition for the successful startup company. But don’t deceive yourself: Finding the employees best suited for the chosen task and forming a long-term effective team on the first attempt is a great success and rare. Don't worry, for the first time you only need to hire people to perform current operational tasks, so you can focus on growing your business.

The main goal of recruiting the first batch of employees is to free your schedule from solving daily operational tasks and focus on strategic business development issues. This is the process of turning work into business. When you perform all the operating procedures, you cannot take a day off, because all work will stop-you work for a company, not run a business.