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Now, let us consider these keys and their elements in detail

You have to manage the product yourself; after all, this is one of your competitive pros. And, as for satisfying the needs of consumers: here you need to remember another necessary component of a successful entrepreneurial leader—exploration needs (or more precisely, even the existence of its "scent") and analysis the ability of the market.

Many books, articles, application materials and useful suggestions are all about it. We will not copy information that you may have read. We will only discuss a few key points

The first study of the potential clients’ needs of the product should be carried out before the development of the product. And don’t stop before publishing! Your first focus group can be a narrow circle of acquaintances, family, and friends. However, in any case, don't stop here: specify yourself who will be your target audience, potential consumers of your product, and talk to them to find out needs, ask questions, and understand the experience of using competing products.

Don't try to satusfy everyone. If you consider the opinions, suggestions and tips of every potential consumer-you will never bring your product to the market. It seems that this rule is contrary to the other two rules, but it is not the case. Determine your priorities; identify the most relevant target group issues and the most consumer needs, and use this as a basis. If this is not necessary for most consumers, please do not spread comments such as "Generally speaking, everything is fine, but I will use green paint".